EMS & Firefighter Personnel

EMS & Firefighter Personnel

Paramedic Services of Illinois, Inc. has been providing EMS & Firefighter Personnel since 1975. PSI’s success has been attributed to our performance and a proven, cost-effective solution that provides a customized program designed to meet the needs of the community.

Our personnel deal with the most valuable commodity on earth: the health and well-being of human lives. When those in need have an emergency situation, they are looking for help from experienced, highly qualified professionals. Therefore, PSI strives to meet or exceed the expectations of both the public and our clients on a daily basis.


  • A leading provider of contractual paramedics/firefighters
  • Cost Effective
  • Customized service agreements
  • Brings jobs into the community
  • No hiring costs, including background checks and pre-employment physicals
  • No employee salaries, benefits or pension expenses
  • No education or training expense
  • No staffing or disciplinary considerations
  • No worker’s compensation or disability claims
  • No employment liability issues
  • Limited professional liability exposure to the community
  • No miscellaneous day to day concerns or hidden expenses

It would be our pleasure to visit you and your community to discuss the many advantages of contracting personnel from Paramedic Services of Illinois, Inc.

Our ultimate goal is to earn your trust, as well as your business, and to develop a long-lasting relationship.

If you’re ready to learn more about EMS Personnel & Firefighters, contact us.