Our History

Our History – We Can Do That

“We Can Do That!” This phrase is a common, everyday phrase that has become a part of the corporate philosophy of Paramedic Services of Illinois, Inc.

When our founder Earl Field returned to Chicagoland after serving in the Army as a combat medic during the Vietnam War, he obtained a part-time job with a private ambulance service, learning the business and serving the community. Earl had a desire to start his own company. He was constantly looking for ways to improve the business and to help others while doing so. Earl’s, “we can do that” approach never waivered as he founded Town and Country Ambulance service and is now ingrained into the corporate philosophy of Paramedic Services of Illinois, Inc.

Early on, he made commitments to cross-train his employees and equip the ambulances with advanced life support (paramedic services). Town & Country was the first private ambulance service to provide paramedics in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. During this time, Earl attended the first paramedic class offered at Loyola where he built a relationship with a few firefighters from Franklin Park. Town & Country’s first agreement was signed and the concept of private service personnel working and living with the firefighters was born. As the company progressed, Earl saw a need to serve communities more effectively and within that, he founded Paramedic Services of Illinois (PSI).

As Earl led PSI, his family and staff adopted the “we can do that” attitude. No matter the challenge or opportunity, each person approaches life with the attitude, energy and kindness that Earl demonstrated.

PSI continues to grow and expand organically and through acquisitions.

On September 15, 2017, PSI acquired Fire Safety Consultants, Inc.(FSCI), a nationally recognized leader in the fire code review and consulting industry. Bringing expertise in Fire Safety Consulting, Fire Protection Plan Review, Building Plan Review, and Seminars to PSI’s portfolio of services. This acquisition perfectly aligns with the overall PSI vision and strategy to remain and grow as a leading provider of services to protect the safety and well-being of the communities we serve.

On April 1, 2018, Paramedic Services of Illinois, Inc. was pleased to announce the acquisition of Public Safety Services, Inc. (PSSI), a well-respected provider of pre-hospital emergency medical and firefighter services with an outstanding reputation in Illinois. This acquisition strengthens PSI’s presence in Illinois along with bringing added and enhanced capabilities in contractual paramedic and firefighter services.

As a growing company, PSI builds upon the expertise and wealth of knowledge that each person brings to care for each other and the community. The company is Dedicated to Excellence and continues to live by the same “we can do that” attitude that Earl Field started over 45 years ago.