Ambulance & Fire/Rescue Billing

Ambulance & Fire/Rescue Billing

PSI’s team of professional medical billing experts works with public and private EMS systems to maximize reimbursement of ambulance and fire/rescue services. Our clients reflect the success of people, processes, and systems that ensure HIPAA, NEMSIS, and ANSI-compliance while reducing the administrative costs. Our team handles all billing and collections.

Why choose PSI for your public or private medical billing?

PSI ensures that all payments are made to and deposited by the client. This allows our clients to have a consistent cash flow and keep their local identity. PSI customizes the ambulance billing process for each community’s needs.

Our team quickly turns-around claims faster than most. We also provide detailed reporting including but not limited to: aging detail, end of month, and call detail.

Each member of our team is a Certified Ambulance Coder by the National Academy of Ambulance Compliance and actively participates in new training to stay on top of industry trends and regulations. Additional certifications held by staff members include Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer and Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer. Our certified ambulance billing staff is complimented by licensed paramedics with decades of experience in patient care.

Customer service is our top priority at PSI. Our staff is available by phone for any patient inquiries. A member of our staff will promptly answer your call with no voice prompts or hold times. We also have a secure email, secure voicemail, secure fax, and PO Box which can be utilized. Multi-lingual interpretation services also available for patients with language barriers.

As technology constantly changes and evolves, PSI remains committed to staying current with industry trends and best practices. Our office utilizes Zoll RescueNet Billing, the most advanced and comprehensive EMS billing software available. We use the most advanced and current systems which allow us to integrate with many ePCR systems such as ImageTrend, ESO, and Firehouse.

We utilize technologies that meet all HIPAA compliance rules and support HIPAA file sharing, cloud storage and client collaboration. All of our data imports are HIPAA and NEMSIS compliant.

PSI enforces strict security practices and utilizes the latest data protection technologies to secure all protected health information. We use the most advanced security technologies available to defend against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and other online threats. Data is also protected by multiple layers of redundancy and recoverability. Data that is backed up locally is encrypted and replicated to a secure, offsite location to protect against disaster situations.

As a result, we achieve the maximum amount of reimbursements through our qualified team, proven processes, modern systems, and exceptional customer service. Contact us to learn more and get started with Ambulance & Fire/Rescue Billing.